The Contrivance of Melchizedek Priesthood and the Fraud of Peter James and John

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In the prior post, we established the fraud of Aaronic priesthood based on Jesus fulfilling The Law of Moses. Reading the prior post is a prerequisite to understanding this document. In this paper, we will prove the contrivance of the Melchizedek priesthood and the fraud of Joseph Smith claiming a transfer of power from Peter, James, and John as we demonstrate Smith’s ongoing proclivity to fabricate “facts” and spiritual events as revisionist history to support his kingdom building efforts. We will then expose the deception of D&C 110, which never actually occurred because Smith and Cowdery never spoke of it and the revisionist report never saw the light of day until after the Mormon theocracy … Read More

The Contrivance of Aaronic Priesthood and the Fraud of Baptism: Reinventing The Law of Moses Veiled as Mormonism

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The Book of Mormon contains many keys and truths within its pages and when carefully considered and honestly assessed, it overturns the false doctrines and precepts of the Mormon belief system. It also exposes Joseph Smith and the fraud he perpetrated known as the so-called restoration. This blog has noted numerous times the text of the original revelation from the Book of Commandments that later became the much-revised D&C Section 5. The original revelation stated that Smith was told he only had “one gift” to translate the Book of Mormon and not to pretend to any other gifts. This paper will demonstrate that a fraud was committed regarding his claims of authority to baptize. Let’s … Read More

The Mystery of the Two Sons

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Among the many mysteries in scripture obfuscated by our traditions, none is more critical to understand than the true nature of God. In several earlier posts, we’ve outlined a framework describing the nature of God and His condescensions to labor among mankind. The Father’s work has been the preeminent theme throughout this blog, which describes His covenant to redeem the souls of no light from the imminent destruction that awaits them following the Great and Marvelous Work (GMW) unless they believe Him and repent. The scriptures fully reveal the Father’s covenant and all aspects of His labor among mankind and inform us that when the Father condescends to earth He comes as a Son: 1 And … Read More

For Whom the Atonement was Wrought

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Throughout Christendom there are as many opinions regarding the atonement of Christ as there are pundits and authorities. Each promote their precepts within the restricted confines of their religious tradition, and seemingly ignore what the acknowledged voices of God’s chosen apostles and prophets in scripture have said. In the case of Mormonism this problem has been amplified many fold by those in leadership of each generation who have jockeyed for supremacy as the preeminent authoritative voice of church doctrine. There are many such men in church history and they couldn’t ever agree among themselves regarding the atonement and they proposed many self-serving philosophies. Mormon religious traditions surrounding the doctrine of Christ’s atonement have been carried … Read More

The End Game

AndersThe End Game

Composing one’s thoughts to express the precise issues we must address in this paper, requires the precision of the poet’s quill and the patience of Job; neither of which are found in the shafts and arrow points of this writer’s quiver. However, we employ our trade the best we can with ink in hand and sojourn upon this page leaving symbols in written prose for the reader’s discovery concerning our report on the ruins of the once beautiful Camelot. All around we observe the ashes and debris bequeathed to us as a vestige and relic of the formerly pristine earth we call home. The remaining fragments of life, as it was in Eden, are now … Read More

The Technology of Geoengineering

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If you’re asking yourself why this data would be on a blog dedicated to the Isaiah Story as it will unfold in the Great and Marvelous Work (GMW), then we may have failed to effectively communicate the worldwide stage of the GMW and the insidious nature of the enemy. We need to understand the agenda of the elites in all aspects of their manipulation of humankind and their intent with regard to each of us. Our hope is that by broadening our perspectives and knowledge we can be better prepared to make wise decisions when the Servant stands up among us to contend against evil. Why in the World Are They Spraying?    What … Read More

Where Is Technology Leading Us?

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In the prior post, we looked at other metaphors used by the prophets as they described and defined the Assyrian and the Root of the Assyrian. In this post, it’s necessary to survey the present day modern world with its burgeoning emphasis on rapid advancements in technology which no doubt will be used by the Assyrian to achieve his goals. Moreover, let’s examine the evil forces exerted against human freedom and agency used to control and manipulate mankind. We can’t separate prophecy regarding the Isaiah Story from modern life! If the holy prophets were writing about our time, then their prophetic messages must account for the technology of our day and how that technology will … Read More

The Beast, The Old & Young Lion, and The Fiery Flying Serpent

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In the annals of prophetic end times revelation there are many metaphors employed by the prophets which are difficult to understand if you’re not used to the cadence and symbolism of prophecy. In the Blog Topic, “The Arch Tyrants of the Isaiah Story,” we introduced the Assyrian and the Root of the Assyrian to the reader. In this post, we want to expand your ability to recognize more of the imagery used by the prophets and apostles in scripture as they describe this man known as the Anti-Christ in New Testament parlance. We’re not going to add much in the way of commentary. The point is to make you aware that these metaphors are describing … Read More