Dead Works in The Strong Delusion
Part 1

AndersEternal Lives, Strong Delusion

As the Strong Delusion gained steam and the momentum of Smith’s lust for power carried him further into his delusion as prophet, and in order to expand his egocentric enterprise, he generated one dead work after another by his policies, his craft, and his theology. All of which led Mormons away from scripture, and into the clutches of this man whose creative genius for ostentatious ordinance is unrivaled; even if he had to step over the Apostle Paul to do so. Nauvoo saw the pinnacle of Smith’s “prophetic” pronouncements, and in the aftermath of his deceit and deception, the church he founded was left floundering in a sea of unscriptural edicts and injunctions. The believers … Read More

Eternal Lives; God’s Infinite Plan of Salvation

AndersEternal Lives

In their infinite goodness and grace, our eternal Mother and Father hold each of us in their hands and hearts, and have given us everything; everything that we need as infinite beings to progress and increase, advance and improve. Here we live out our lives and move about on this one small rocky outcrop of life called earth, struggling in a world of contending voices and differing opinions regarding truth and the meaning of our existence. Have you ever stopped to ponder and imagine the immensity of time that you have already existed and will continue to exist for eternities beyond eternities and incalculable infinities— It staggers the mind and brings one to their knees when … Read More

Eternal Lives in The Book of Mormon

AndersBook of Mormon, Eternal Lives

One of several less than charitable and self-appointed sentinels of doctrine within the Mormon hierarchy spoke out against eternal lives and other scripturally sound doctrines, while at the same time promoting scripturally unsound doctrines and practices in his all-encompassing volume on LDS theology which seems to have been the most adamant quasi-official word on these matters in modern times. His successors in the role as guardians of doctrine, have all exemplified the same lack of understanding and knowledge of what The Word of God teaches. The old guard shows instead a preference for the ceremonies and well-worn platitudes of the institution, even when those tired expressions can easily be proven to be false and ungrounded … Read More

Eternal Lives in the Bible

AndersEternal Lives

This might be one of the most difficult mysteries of all for occidental peoples and especially Christians to comprehend. It seems so foreign to our central traditions about salvation and the work of God among men. But the scriptures have tipped their hand in this regard and have revealed a surprising and wondrous doctrine which was known among the writers of the sacred texts we call the Holy Scriptures. As we diligently searched deeper into the words of the prophets round after round, these mysteries surfaced all over the place. And they are a central feature of The Great and Marvelous Work (GMW). As it turns out the scriptures have clearly painted a mosaic of … Read More