The Holy Spirit lead us to read this document a couple of months ago. We were amazed that he verified many of the truths that we had learned about the Strong Delusion, and he clarified other issues that we has not considered as well. As a witness of the Book of Mormon and a first-hand participant to many of the events of the establishment of the Mormon Church, he profoundly discerned the problems with the church from its inception and the changes that were made to it under Joseph Smith and Sidney Rigdon’s influence. He also recognized that God’s Great and Marvelous Work would be a future event and that the Choice Seer of 2 Nephi 3 was NOT Joseph Smith but would be God’s servant who would be a holy man. Having said that, we don’t agree with everything that Whitmer says here. For example, his belief that the Choice Seer would be Lamanite and perhaps the role of the Lamanites in the establishment of the New Jerusalem. But overall, we are very impressed with the gift of prophecy, discernment, and revelation that Whitmer exhibits and, as in all things, it is left to the reader to use the Holy Spirit to discern the truth or error of the doctrinal and historical points presented herein.

David Whitmer to all believers in Christ – Part 1