The Book of Mormon and The Great and Marvelous Work

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Whether you are a first-time reader or one of the many thousands who have read from the pages of this blog, you no doubt have an opinion of the Book of Mormon (BOM) based in whole or in part on the man Joseph Smith. For better or for worse, he is inseparably linked to that volume due to the circumstances of history. For many generations that was never an issue as the factual details of the founding historical evidence for the origins of Mormonism were kept locked away from public view. The sanitized version of Smith’s history was all any of us ever knew. All of that changed during the tenure of Leonard Arrington’s service … Read More

I Will be in Your Midst

AndersGod in our midst

Why are we going to such lengths to expand upon the themes introduced with our post on Jacob 5 that God is coming down into the world to labor among men? There are several reasons that could be offered, two of which include learning to read the scriptures for what they really say without the intrusions of the traditions of men, and to give people hope in something real and substantial, in contrast to what the Christian and Mormon worlds have offered their adherents regarding the return of God to this world. The Mormons laid hold of a few verses of scripture about God coming in clouds of glory, not understanding the context of those … Read More

The Father will Do His Own Work—Part 1

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Jacob 5 showed us clearly that God the Father condescends to come down into the earth to do His own work which is something the religious world is horrified to consider. They have so grossly abused, misread, and misinterpreted the simple words in scripture about God and His work that they have to go to extreme lengths to contort what the scriptures actually say about God to conform with the precepts of men mingled with scripture. That goes for every religious Christian sect of which we are aware. Especially for the Mormon Church which claims to be a restoration of the truth, yet they wrest the scriptures worse than everyone else and misrepresent the meaning … Read More

Jacob Chapter 5 in the Great And Marvelous Work Part 2

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The prior post on Jacob 5 discussed God condescending into the world and we introduced the scriptures speaking of God setting his hand the second time to finish his work during the GMW. In this paper we want to look more closely at the verses in Jacob 5 which delineate both the first and second times that God will do his work during the tumultuous times described by the holy prophets to show us what is coming in the Isaiah Story. These themes will be expanded more and more in future posts as we explore what the prophets have taught regarding the specifics of this story. For our purposes here, we will limit this discussion … Read More

Jacob Chapter 5 in the Great And Marvelous Work Part 1

AndersGod's Condescensions

The prophet Zenos wrote such a singularly significant prophecy that Jacob felt compelled to include the entire work in his own book of prophecy contained in the Book of Mormon (BOM) in what became Jacob chapter 5. Being holy prophets they both knew the story of The Great and Marvelous Work (GMW) and all of its component parts. Jacob knew just as we’ve come to know, what a profound piece of literature on the work of God’s labor in His vineyard among men this prophecy represents. We want to share with you the most important things we’ve appreciated and recognized in Jacob 5 from the perspective of the GMW. We will show you the most … Read More

The Holy One of Israel in The Book of Mormon

AndersHoly One of Israel, Nature of God, One God

We come now to the Book of Mormon prophets Nephi and Jacob who wrote extensively about this Holy One of Israel in their prophetic writings. They share much in common with the writings of Isaiah, because they are students of the great prophet of the GMW, and they shed tremendous light on the Isaiah Story. They also shared something else profound with Isaiah: 2 And now I, Nephi, write more of the words of Isaiah, for my soul delighteth in his words. For I will liken his words unto my people, and I will send them forth unto all my children, for he verily saw my Redeemer, even as I have seen him. 3 And my brother, … Read More

Eternal Lives in The Book of Mormon

AndersBook of Mormon, Eternal Lives

One of several less than charitable and self-appointed sentinels of doctrine within the Mormon hierarchy spoke out against eternal lives and other scripturally sound doctrines, while at the same time promoting scripturally unsound doctrines and practices in his all-encompassing volume on LDS theology which seems to have been the most adamant quasi-official word on these matters in modern times. His successors in the role as guardians of doctrine, have all exemplified the same lack of understanding and knowledge of what The Word of God teaches. The old guard shows instead a preference for the ceremonies and well-worn platitudes of the institution, even when those tired expressions can easily be proven to be false and ungrounded … Read More