Dead Works in the Strong Delusion
Part 2

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Continuing with the theme of dead works in part 2, we come to the baptism of little children as a natural follow-on to the topic of baptism for the dead. The dead don’t care about whether we baptize them or not! They are not waiting in some proxy-enabled prison release system for our computers to catalogue them as baptized-enabled clearinghouse prize winners so they can move on. But little children are here living among us and this seeming innocent act of baptizing them as children has ramifications for the child far into their future. How better to entrap or ensnare someone into a system of belief than to baptize them at age 8, and then … Read More

Dead Works in The Strong Delusion
Part 1

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As the Strong Delusion gained steam and the momentum of Smith’s lust for power carried him further into his delusion as prophet, and in order to expand his egocentric enterprise, he generated one dead work after another by his policies, his craft, and his theology. All of which led Mormons away from scripture, and into the clutches of this man whose creative genius for ostentatious ordinance is unrivaled; even if he had to step over the Apostle Paul to do so. Nauvoo saw the pinnacle of Smith’s “prophetic” pronouncements, and in the aftermath of his deceit and deception, the church he founded was left floundering in a sea of unscriptural edicts and injunctions. The believers … Read More

Signs, Tokens, and Penalties in the Strong Delusion

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The passage of time and the acquisition of truth layer by layer form an interplay of light and matter like leaves dancing in a breeze under glorious sunshine, where facets of the purest nature of the tree come to life that we had never before seen. The scriptures have proven equally capable of this dance with light and words on the page which give up their mysteries as the Holy Spirit wafts in around us like a breeze and the light of heaven illuminates the words in front of us in ways we had simply never envisioned. This is how the sacred and the sublime meet in the minds of the seekers of light, and … Read More

Mormon Temple Rituals. Are They of God?

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The search for truth is not for the faint of heart. Truth will tear down perceptions, paradigms, traditions and the precepts of men. And if your beliefs have been founded on traditions and precepts of men, you may come to realize that what you thought was a foundation, may just be air beneath your feet. 26 And I also cast my eyes round about, and beheld, on the other side of the river of water, a great and spacious building; and it stood as it were in the air, high above the earth. (1Nephi 8) Why was the great and spacious building in the air? Because it had no foundation. None. Its foundation wasn’t even … Read More