Sanctified by the Holy Ghost; Led by the Holy Spirit

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While reading from Nephi’s tremendous dissertation in chapters 31 – 33 of Second Nephi, it’s apparent there is a further necessary discussion regarding the Holy Ghost we have not previously addressed. An earlier paper, related to this subject, discussed the mechanics or method and process whereby the Holy Ghost is given and received according to scripture. That paper overturns and topples the Mormon ordinance and associated precepts regarding the Holy Ghost and should be read in concert with this paper. Nephi’s great sermon touches on some additional elusive nuances that beg to be examined; therefore, let us investigate Nephi’s words and carefully consider and weigh the meaning of his inferences. The implication of meaning within … Read More

If Only We Had The Holy Ghost!

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As pilgrims and wanderers on the earth who have searched for truth and light in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, we came face to face with ourselves and every precept and tradition we believed. We turned over every stone and searched in every crevice and fissure regarding the history and doctrines we supposed to be true. We were searching because we believed it to be true, yet the deeper we searched the more deceit and pretense we discovered which unraveled the precepts we espoused as truth. It all became the traditions of men. The decades-long dilemma of scrutinizing the framework and construction of the Mormon restoration collapsed before our eyes. The construct and paradigm we … Read More