Sanctified by the Holy Ghost; Led by the Holy Spirit

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While reading from Nephi’s tremendous dissertation in chapters 31 – 33 of Second Nephi, it’s apparent there is a further necessary discussion regarding the Holy Ghost we have not previously addressed. An earlier paper, related to this subject, discussed the mechanics or method and process whereby the Holy Ghost is given and received according to scripture. That paper overturns and topples the Mormon ordinance and associated precepts regarding the Holy Ghost and should be read in concert with this paper. Nephi’s great sermon touches on some additional elusive nuances that beg to be examined; therefore, let us investigate Nephi’s words and carefully consider and weigh the meaning of his inferences. The implication of meaning within … Read More

The Nature of God’s Body as a Spirit

AndersNature of God

Certain experiences have brought to some individuals a perfect knowledge that what we’ve been taught in the Strong Delusion about the body of God is wrong. The purpose of this blog is to feature scripture as the mechanism of choice with which to teach, so we’ll leave personal experiences aside. But we can call on scripture to echo what we otherwise could have said. Nephi is one who had an encounter with God which has been interpreted and contorted by the church to mean something other than what Nephi plainly said; … for I spake unto him as a man speaketh; for I beheld that he was in the form of a man; yet nevertheless, … Read More