The Contrivance of Melchizedek Priesthood and the Fraud of Peter James and John

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In the prior post, we established the fraud of Aaronic priesthood based on Jesus fulfilling The Law of Moses. Reading the prior post is a prerequisite to understanding this document. In this paper, we will prove the contrivance of the Melchizedek priesthood and the fraud of Joseph Smith claiming a transfer of power from Peter, James, and John as we demonstrate Smith’s ongoing proclivity to fabricate “facts” and spiritual events as revisionist history to support his kingdom building efforts. We will then expose the deception of D&C 110, which never actually occurred because Smith and Cowdery never spoke of it and the revisionist report never saw the light of day until after the Mormon theocracy … Read More

The Contrivance of Aaronic Priesthood and the Fraud of Baptism: Reinventing The Law of Moses Veiled as Mormonism

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The Book of Mormon contains many keys and truths within its pages and when carefully considered and honestly assessed, it overturns the false doctrines and precepts of the Mormon belief system. It also exposes Joseph Smith and the fraud he perpetrated known as the so-called restoration. This blog has noted numerous times the text of the original revelation from the Book of Commandments that later became the much-revised D&C Section 5. The original revelation stated that Smith was told he only had “one gift” to translate the Book of Mormon and not to pretend to any other gifts. This paper will demonstrate that a fraud was committed regarding his claims of authority to baptize. Let’s … Read More

The Holy Order of God

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When Nephi wrote his tremendous treatise on false precepts in 2Nep 28, one wonders if his prior cosmic vision portrayed to him the full extent of the traditions and precepts that would rule our lives as we waited for the Great and Marvelous Work to commence? Yes, absolutely it did in the same manner that Moroni testified in Mormon chapter 8 that Jesus showed him all of our pollutions of the Word of God, our pride, our very fine apparel, our love of money and substance, our hypocrisy, and our secret abominations. Paul extrapolates for us the same condition of trusting the philosophies of men (mingled with scripture) and of living our lives subject to … Read More