The Book of Mormon and The Great and Marvelous Work

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Whether you are a first-time reader or one of the many thousands who have read from the pages of this blog, you no doubt have an opinion of the Book of Mormon (BOM) based in whole or in part on the man Joseph Smith. For better or for worse, he is inseparably linked to that volume due to the circumstances of history. For many generations that was never an issue as the factual details of the founding historical evidence for the origins of Mormonism were kept locked away from public view. The sanitized version of Smith’s history was all any of us ever knew. All of that changed during the tenure of Leonard Arrington’s service as Church Historian when the doors to the vault were thrown open and Pandora’s Box could never again be closed. We’ve written of these things before!

Numerous lurid details about Smith’s personal and public life came into view for the first time among the community of believing Mormon historians fortunate enough to study the original materials. Soon enough, those same glaring details became public knowledge as a flood of new information was published in the area of Mormon Studies making this knowledge available to those willing to read and search among the many hundreds of critically important articles and books produced from the 1970’s to the present time. Perhaps unwittingly, the field of Mormon Studies became the clearinghouse that exposed the founder of the church as the original “Warren Jeffs” of Mormonism and a religious charlatan without equal. The average member of the Mormon faith was still totally unaware of the shocking portrait being compiled regarding the founder of their faith, because the church’s apologetic machine was cranked into service to refute what Mormonism’s own historians were uncovering.  Those were the days when being an honest historian and publishing uncomfortable truths could land one in serious difficulties with the institution which frowned on truth that sullied its whitewashed facade.

The dawn of the internet must have loomed uncomfortably in the minds of some of those charged to keep the fires of faith stoked and burning brightly. After all, the projected growth launching the church into becoming the next world-wide mega-religion depended upon keeping the status quo intact with tithing receipts growing accordingly. As the internet grew in importance culturally, more and more of this sullied data about Joseph Smith (previously restricted to the shelves of personal and academic libraries) found its way online. The flood of information came cascading down the mountainside like a terrible mudflow or lahar full of the filthy debris that prior generations of church leaders had protected at all cost. Once the floodgates burst across the internet and gave open access to previously restricted information, the damning data began to have its anticipated effect. To date, we’ve witnessed a mass exodus from the church— the likes of which has never before been seen! However, the relatively full parking lots at Mormon chapels on Sunday suggests that the full tsunami effect from this landslide is still to come.   

The unfortunate victim, in this unraveling deception, is the BOM that was caught in the crosshairs of Smith’s infamous fraud. Smith’s deception began about the time he finished transmitting the book into English and set his sights on founding a church with himself as the modern Moses-like overseer. Be that as it may, and regardless of the remainder of Smith’s later fraudulent activities, this blog has defended the BOM for one reason only. It contains every necessary element to qualify as a powerful testament of the coming Great and Marvelous Work. If it didn’t contain these numerous specific components, we would denounce it as another of Smith’s fraudulent schemes! But the Book of Mormon was the ONE and ONLY legitimate assignment God gave to Joseph Smith and it stands up perfectly to every scriptural test we’ve applied to it! Smith did NOT write the BOM. It’s far too complex a work for a simple uneducated farm boy to compose. The entirety of the BOM is a vast landscape composed as a witness of the Isaiah Story. That was something far beyond the capacity of everyone involved with the founding of Mormonism! This blog is our proof of the truthfulness of the BOM despite the remainder of Smith’s life and the hoax he perpetrated upon the Mormon faithful.

Critics of the BOM are completely unaware of the deep doctrines of the Great and Marvelous Work carefully embedded in the folds of prophetic prose which have nothing in common with Smith’s later creation known as the Doctrine and Covenants (D&C) which is a motley assortment of unseemly and incredulous dogma. Detractors of the BOM simply pick at a few threads from a tapestry they are unable to see, and never come to the realization they are holding a masterpiece of prophetic prose. Smith acted simply as a conduit for the book to be transmitted to mankind. That was his ONLY authentic calling from God. The book itself is totally beyond his capabilities. He didn’t understand it’s content or its purpose as we have aptly demonstrated. He never once preached from its pages according to Mormon historian Terryl Givens! The modern church is equally handicapped in its misuse and misunderstanding of the prophetic volume. 

Within that aforementioned BOM tapestry, one discovers a wondrous world of light and visionary literature only equaled in the writings of the Biblical sages. Together, the Bible and the BOM, form a unity of truth unequaled by either book as a stand-alone witness for the coming Great and Marvelous Work. Each writer carefully composed his assigned portion of the master-tapestry which is woven together by God into the singular story we call the Isaiah Story. We have stated before that the Isaiah Story is the definitive proof of the truth of both the Bible and the BOM. Each book stands or falls as a volume of holy scripture based on its merits as a message of prophecy regarding the forthcoming Great and Marvelous Work. The BOM is a shining beacon of truth!

Smith’s fraud, regarding the balance of his untoward career and life, blemishes the BOM in the eyes of almost all who’ve come to recognize his scheming and evil works. They reason that one posing as a prophetic imposter could never have worked that one genuine and legitimate work which was in fact his only assignment from God. They throw out the BOM along with casting Smith’s influence out of their lives. Perhaps it was intended to be that way all along, knowing it would throw a smokescreen over the BOM to camouflage its precious gems from the eyes of the world, hiding the knowledge of the GMW except from those who diligently search the scriptures—

Any honest person who searches both the BOM and the Smith’s own creation known as the D&C will eventually conclude they have nothing in common. The two books couldn’t be more different although both came to life through the same pair of hands. This is because the BOM is a true ancient volume of scripture and God used Smith as an intercessor of sorts to give us the English text of the ancient record. That was his only legitimate labor. Whereas the D&C is a compilation of drastic revisionist history regarding Smith’s rewriting of earlier communiques he received while transmitting the BOM. The revisionist history was followed by voluminous self-serving and detrimental dictates from Smith’s own mind and pen. Most likely, he was influenced directly by the darkest and most misleading of deceivers— the father of lies!

If we were to bring Smith’s literary laughingstock known as the Book of Abraham into this conversation, it would require a deeper descent into his fraud as a pretender, poser, and scriptural sham. The Book of Abraham simply adds fuel to the fire in the eyes of all who know it has nothing whatsoever to do with the papyrus from which he claimed to translate the book. The papyrus in question has been translated by modern Egyptologists and it’s recognized simply as a funerary text known commonly as a Book of Breathings. It has nothing whatsoever to do with the ancient patriarch Abraham! Do your own research if you’re not already familiar with these facts. Each of Smith’s eccentricities as an imposter and pretend-prophet bury the BOM further under a cloud of smoke (the smokescreen), obfuscating its holy purpose from all but a few with eyes to see through the masquerading of the prophet-monger Joseph Smith— whose doctrines have a malignant and malevolent effect upon all who fall under the spell of his influence. With regard to Smith’s fraudulent prophetic life, as contrasted with his one honest work the BOM, I’m reminded of these fitting words from William Shakespeare: 

The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones- (Shakespeare: Julius Cesar: Act 3, Scene 2, Page 4.)

We have the good BOM and we testify to you of its living light as a great gift from God. Do not allow the evils of the man, through whose hands it came, to deter you from discovering the deep things of God deposited like veins of gold for your discovery. IF you’re still a believing active Mormon who is searching for truth because things just don’t feel right, or IF you’re someone who is disaffected with Smith or the corporate church, we urge you to set aside the foolish notions which link the truthfulness of the BOM, to the truthfulness of Smith’s prophetic calling, and to the truthfulness of the church itself. Those forms of indoctrination need to be unlinked and disconnected in our minds to allow each claim of truth to stand or fall on its own merits. The BOM has passed every test we can throw at it; Smith and the church however, are easily proven to be fraudulent. We KNOW the Book of Mormon is true and it represents the most powerful witness we have for the truthfulness of the Isaiah Story or The Great and Marvelous Work which will one day flood the earth with light.

If this is the first post you have read on our blog then we invite you to go to the beginning of the topics and read down through the topics in order so you can comprehend the nature of the coming Great and Marvelous Work and gain an understanding of the extreme value of the Book of Mormon. Its entire purpose appears to be as a second witness to the truths contained in the Bible regarding the Great and Last work of God among men known as the Great and Marvelous Work!

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