The Conqueror and the Conjurer in the Isaiah Story
An Introductory Essay to Isaiah 40-48, and 54


Living in an age of high technology and a time where stories of science fiction are portrayed magnificently on the big screen, one could only hope that the events we are discussing as the Isaiah Story could have as compelling a plot filled with intrigue, conspiracy, schemes, and subversion as the heroic stories of Star Wars or The Lord of the Rings. Moreover, the account had to portray a larger-than-life legendary hero with the capabilities to overcome the evil and adversaries he would face. To our astonishment and surprise, the storyline of The Great and Marvelous Work (GMW) held within its grasp, a narrative of incredible epic proportion to rival all of the heroic masterpieces of literature we had ever seen in films or books.

Isaiah wove into his chronicle, events of such supernal amazement, that it often left us gasping in shock as the full weight of the unexpected twists and turns of his narrative unfolded. The Isaiah Story has its own “Sith Lord” who is an imposter sitting in the highest station of authority while pretending to be a true prophet. Millions have fallen victim to his idolatry as he set himself up as an idol to be worshiped and he established a system of worship to include practicing the dark crafts of the dark side in his temple drama.

Our conquering hero is no less than God Himself who comes down into the world as a conqueror of evil to contend against the forces of the conjurer first, and then other tyrants later. It makes for a great epic tale the likes of which our modern filmmakers seemed predisposed to portray in stories such as the Matrix trilogy which has anticipated the veil which covers the mind and blinds the eyes of those who have followed the pretend prophet. The hero of the Matrix story is offered a red pill to wake up to reality, or a blue pill to return to the dream of death.

We’ve carried the metaphor to this point in order to set the stage for the posts which follow. Isaiah names the conjurer multiple times in these chapters which set God in opposition to Satan in all of his forms. This world is where the epic is played out. It all happens here in mortality. God comes down into the world as a man again and again as we demonstrated in the Jacob 5 posts, and the devils do likewise playing their parts. God allows His adversaries to fulfill His own purposes when it suits Him, such as when God gave the prisoners of the conjurer a book with instructions to escape the prison. Then God pulls the rug out from under the devil when enough is enough! This is irony at its best that the Book of Mormon came through the hands of the prison warden himself! The conjuring “prophet, seer, and revelator” unwittingly gave us the KEY to escape his clutches!

Can we see now why Jesus commanded us to study Isaiah? (3Nep 20:11 and 3Nep 23:1) Jesus was offering us a red pill to awaken because we’ve been swallowing the blue pills all of our lives. These posts portray a slice of the GMW and its critical we come to understand the identity of the conjuring antagonist in this part of the Isaiah Story so we can awaken as the red pill of truth is offered to us. The souls of no light or the O Jerusalem people have fallen victim to the subterfuge of the devil as he built a religion around himself when God only gave him one gift to translate the book. God of course knew that the warden would build a prison. That’s what devils do!

There are other tyrants in the Isaiah story that we will cover later. For now, read Isaiah’s words with your mind and hearts open, and you’ll finally understand the deceptive lies and fraudulent nature of the conjuring founder of Mormonism. The words of Isaiah will also help you see why we’ve been pointing out Smith’s fraud throughout the posts on this blog. TRUST in the words of Isaiah! The Holy Scriptures are the only safe haven we have until the Conquering Hero stands up among us!

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  5. Isaiah 44 God Opposing Smith
  6. Isaiah 45 God Opening the Prison Gates
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  8. Isaiah 47 God Opposing The Lady of Kingdoms
  9. Isaiah 48 God Opposing the Transgressor From the Womb
  10. Isaiah 54 Jesus Identifies Smith


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